PushMode is free for developer community and dirt cheap for commercial use.
Get everything in PushMode for less than 10% of the cost of cloud servers it runs on.


For eligible domains.



Free plan includes everything in Lite plan. The only two differences are in eligible sites and price.


No people in your way.
Just pure, cold technology.


  • PushMode license & updates
  • cloud metrics & monitoring
  • unlimited domains & servers
  • fixes for all reproducible bugs
  • community support*

Special offer: Email support is now available for all plans for limited time. Feel free to send us your ideas and suggestions!


Big business pays for people,
not software.






Enterprise plan is the only plan that guarantees email support in 2 business days.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I buy PushMode plan?

Once customer section goes online, you will be able to issue deployment keys for your servers online. Meantime please use the beta key beta-till-jul31.

What is community support?

Community support isn't online yet. That's why email support is offered with all plans at the moment.

Once online, community support will be somewhat similar to StackOverflow. It will let you search answered questions and post new questions. Questions will be usually answered by PushMode staff.

Community support has its rules including proper English, concisely and clearly formulated questions, and including minimal example that demonstrates the problem. If these rules aren't acceptable to you, consider purchasing the Enterprise plan.

Will you really bill me €0.50?

Of course not. Lite plan has annual billing cycle. You are billed for measured usage at the end of the cycle. Invoices under €1 are waived.

Only highly active accounts with monthly usage above €10 are switched to monthly billing cycle. We sincerely hope your project will be successful and you start using more servers. :-)

What sites are considered non-commercial?

Non-profits, schools, educational and information sites, opensource and freeware sites. Excludes affiliates, product/service presentations, ad-supported sites, and sites using overlays to collect email addresses.

What sites are considered developer-oriented?

Developer community sites, opensource projects, products and services for developers, blogs with >30% content for developers, even blogs written by developers.

Is there a free trial?

Accounts found inactive after a year and accounts with usage below €1 are not billed. This effectively gives everyone a very permissive free trial of up to one year.

Can I get a free copy for development?

Servers receiving traffic only from localhost (as seen by the browser) are free.

Special development-only keys can be used to run an internal server. Such server has a limit on the number of clients that can connect to it.

Do you charge for idle servers?

When traffic drops below 100 frames per hour (excluding bots), the server is considered to be idle. Idle time is not counted towards your usage. Bot traffic is ignored when calculating idle time.

How does the on-demand cloud server pricing work?

Usage is recorded in hourly increments. Servers running for less than one hour are not counted. Every core-hour costs €0.0007. This adds up to a little more than €0.50 per month. If a server runs continuously, its per-core price is capped at €0.50 per month.

How are cores counted?

PushMode counts apparent cores as reported by the operating system. PushMode sees every running JVM process as an apparent server.

There's no impact on billing when using multiple classloaders, splitting traffic over multiple ports, or serving multiple domains.

What if I need more than 100 cores in the Business plan?

Just allocate them. Usage is metered. If average usage at the end of the year crosses 100 cores, the extra cores will be billed at the rate of €0.50 per core per month.

What happens to my servers if I miss a payment?

You will be notified by email. If invoice is left unpaid, non-critical services and features (e.g. monitoring, latency optimizations) will be disabled until payment is received. Whatever happens, your servers stay online and continue performing essential functions.